Help Get Los Angeles Families in Need Online Now!

For too many, household income, access to computers and tablets and having resources for digital literacy or language skill development are barriers to the opportunities that an internet connection offers.

Los Angeles area leaders have a historic opportunity to use federal funding to close the digital divide for good but one plan under consideration is to have Los Angeles control its own duplicative, billion-dollar internet network that would:

  • Take a decade or more to build
  • Put billions of tax dollars at risk
  • Distract from bigger priorities such as homelessness, affordable housing, public safety, street repair and traffic
  • Leave the underlying problem unsolved

High-quality internet is already available across Los Angeles and we can use these existing networks to help those who cannot afford to connect in Los Angeles in a matter of weeks, not years.

By signing this petition, I’m voicing my support to invest Los Angeles’ tax dollars wisely to connect more families to the internet by encouraging leaders to:

  1. Promote federal programs that allow low-income families to access broadband for free
  2. Adopt a digital navigator program with trained individuals who can ensure families in need can take advantage of federal voucher programs
  3. Provide computers to families in need
  4. Partner with existing internet service providers to offer low-cost or no-cost options
  5. Fund digital literacy training programs for families and seniors

It’s time to ensure every Los Angeles resident is connected!

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